We make your PPC ad campaigns easy, with detailed management.

Flat-Rate SEP

Know what you will pay with a convenient flat-rate SEO campaign.

Search Engine

Local SEO

For local businesses, boost your online traffic with local optimization.

Organic SEO

Maximize your website’s potential with a strategic organic SEO plan.

Pay-Per-Click Management

AdWords management isn’t as easy as it used to be. With Google making hundreds of changes each year and new competitors entering the marketplace, making sure your AdWords campaign is performing should be top priority.

Steady growth comes down to traffic; more people on your website and in the door will give you a greater opportunity for increased sales. Let customers find your website on Google, Bing, and Yahoo with Pay-Per-Click Management. AdSmart takes time to understand our clients before you work with us. We get to know your industry, target, seasonality, product/service, and needs. We use knowledge to set-up a road map that includes goals, expectations, and always keeping the end goal in mind even before they begin.

We use a four-phase process that includes Discovery, Strategy, Optimize, and Growth.

Most of our clients are somewhere between small to medium-sized company-range. The pricing outlined to the the right is based on your monthly budget and advertising spend. We create a fully customized, or if you currently have a campaign running, optimized campaign. These metrics are based on your industry, competitors, and the current market.

Monthly Budget Management Fee Account Setup Fee
$300 – $749 $129 $149
$749 – $999 $149 $199
$1000 – $1499 $199 $249
$1500 – $1999 $249 $299
$2000 – $2999 $299 $499
$3000 – $4999 $499 $749
$5000 + 10% of Spend $999

Flat-Rate SEP

Our flat-rate search engine placement campaigns are the most convenient solution for the majority of our clients. AdSmart delivers search engine placement services that are cost-effective and powerful on the main search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. These search engine gateways are the best way for your customers to find you online. Our team of professionals walk with you through the process, managing your Google AdWords and marketing campaigns for any size of company and budget.

Local SEO

A vital portion of your online marketing strategy should include local search engine optimization. This will boost your online traffic and bring customers through your doors. AdSmart works with local businesses who will benefit the best with our Local SEO packages. Depending on your needs we can manage your website’s local search engine rankings and set-up local search advertising to get your company in front of the right potential clients who are already searching for you.

Organic SEO

Your organic search engine optimization strategy will maximize the effectiveness of your website. We take time to evaluate your short and long term goals to best determine what your site needs to succeed. Our attention to detail and commitment will grow your results and improve your organic SEO. This will increase site traffic and bring potential customers right to you. Organic SEO is a must if your company serves a national audience or you are local serving in more than three states.

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